Nara Travel Guide 2018

Nara Travel Guide 2018


Japan 2018
Japan 2018

Japan the “Land of the Rising Sun” has been in the eye of world history, for many hundreds of years since it came into contact with the world.

The earliest known Japanese contact was when trade routes were opened and those from the west travelled half way across the world by land and sea to discover this resplendent land.

The Japanese hardly moved out towards the west as they were a contended lot and had enough in their hands within their own country rather than seeking issues beyond their borders.

Since making contact with the west, Japan has been giving the world more than what it got back in return, as they were a self sufficient nation throughout most of history.

A slight hiccup in their flamboyant history was when they fought on the wrong side during the Second World War (WWII), but all that has been forgotten since they became an economic power.


The tourist industry


Japan tourist
Japan tourist

Japan made a very bold decision in the year 2008 to target 20 million tourists to visit the country by 2020 which was to coincide with the “Tokyo Olympics 2020”.

They reached 10.4 million at the end of 2013 and were far below in meeting their vision for 2020, and a two fold increase in seven years was beyond comprehension.

Events changed dramatically and at the end of 2017 they had welcomed 28.7 million tourists surpassing their estimated figure drastically and it has been a rise since then.

The proliferation in the infrastructure to cater to the increased influx of tourists which is expected to rise further nearing the target year of 2020, has given the nation the impetus to adjust their final targets.


Places to visit in Nara


Nara - Japan
Nara – Japan

Nara was the first capital of Japan which was established in the year 710 AD and has many historical landmarks and is a UNESCO heritage city.

There are many places of interest that tourists visiting this land of cherry blossoms could choose to be included in their itinerary but of all the Prefecture of Nara would stand out tall and handsome.

Choosing the best places to visit in nara japan would not be a difficult task as it has much to offer within its 3,691 square kilometers (1,425 square miles).

There are many highlights where one could immerse oneself in Nara, the Todai-ji Temple, the Kasuga Taisha shrine, and the Deer park are just a few of the many.

It has pleasantness about it, which every visitor to this beautiful city has been enchanted with and has carried with them for a very long time even making visits again.


  • Tōdai-ji


temples located in Nara Japan that was once one of the powerful Seven Great Temples. you can see the largest bronze statue in the world of Buddha Verukana in the Great Buddha Hall

  • Nara Park

Nara park
Nara park

You can not mention Osaka without mentioning Nara Park. Established in 1300 and one of the oldest parks in Japan. Nara Park is a public park located in Nara, Japan, located at the foot of Wakakusa Mountain, Nara Park is a 5-minute walk from Kintetsu Nara Station or a 20-minute walk from JR Nara Station. and you can enjoy watching hundreds of deer roaming freely.


  • Kasuga-taisha

  • Kōfuku-ji

  • Yakushi-ji

  • Tōshōdai-ji

  • Isui-en

  • Ninja Museum of Igaryu

  • Gangō-ji

  • Nara Dreamland

  • Saidai-ji

How to visit Nara?


Tokyo to Nara
Tokyo to Nara

The question of how to visit Nara would not arise, as it is perfectly located with convenient access from any major city by bullet train, car, luxury coach and plane.

If you are in Tokyo there are ten ways that you could get to Nara, which are a combination of bullet train, bus, night bus, car or just hop a plane.

The ride whichever you would opt to make would be very comfortable with very comfortable seating and air-conditioned travelling.

A bullet train would take you to Kyoto and from there on by luxury air-conditioned coach to your hotel in Nara, so there ends your quest of how to visit Nara.

Japan is blessed with a very efficient transport system with the bullet trains being the pinnacle of transportation envied by the rest of the world hence accessibility is fast and comfortable.

A bus trip from Tokyo to Nara may be a longer journey but it would be one way of assimilating everything that this beautiful country has to offer.

Bullet trains
Bullet trains

Bullet trains are very popular mode of travel in Japan as they are fast, safe and affordable which would make even a short visit to this country convenient enough to see the maximum in a short period of time.

Unlike other countries that one would visit accessibility in Japan is fast and comfortable.

The Best time to visit Nara


Nara seasons
Nara seasons

The best time to visit Nara would be between the months of March through to May which is late spring when the climate is very comfortable and pleasant.

If you happen to miss this period the next best time to visit Nara, would be in late autumn which would be during the months of September through to end November.

This does not mean that the period of summer would not be the best time to visit Nara, it would also be ideal if you are able to bear the high humidity.

Summer begins in the month of June and goes through to the month of September and other than the high humidity everything else would be just perfect.

It could also be the best time to visit Nara but could be uncomfortable to some who may be averse to the prevalent climatic conditions.


Where should I stay in Nara?

There are ample places to stay in Nara from the high end luxurious hotels to the moderately priced and you could select the right one to suit your budget.

You could always book either a two day or three day Tokyo to Nara tour and your problem of where should I stay in Nara, would be solved, as the package would include everything.

If you are in Japan on a short trip and would like to see Japan’s oldest capital city and what it has to offer, take a short tour and return back to the capital after a pleasant trip.

You would be met in Tokyo by a professional tour guide and taken through the two or three day trip enjoying the beauty of the countryside whilst enjoying some great cuisine and sights.

So pick the best time to visit Nara and take this historical city into your itinerary, which has much to offer any discerning visitor and the trip is sure to linger in your memories for a very long time.

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