Koyasan Travel Guide

The city of Koyasan is situated within the north eastern area of Wakayama. It can be found in the Koya-Ryujin Quasi-National Park and has become one of the highly sought after tourist places in the area.

Kongobu-ji Head Temple

At the peak of this location, clearly surrounded by mountains, you will find the Kongobu-ji Head Temple, a special place founded by the Head Temple of Esoteric Buddhism ‘Kobo Daishi’. This place has a history that dates back as far as 1200 years. Over one hundred temples are spread all through the place – thus standing as a great religious city.


Kongobuji Head Temple
Kongobuji Head Temple


Danjo Garan Temple

You will find several structures that are present in the mountain. For example, you will find the twenty-five meter high Daimon Gate that serves as a Vital Cultural Property. This gate serves as the major entry point to the sacred place of Koyasan, and also serves as entry point to the Danjo Garan complex, the temple structure complex, and the National Treasure.


danjo garan temple
danjo garan temple


You will find here the renowned Koyasan-Reiho-kan Museum that displays Koyasan great cultural properties.



Shojin Ryori

Accommodation and lodging facilities can be accessed through the temples for visitors. There is a special meal served which is the popular Shojin-ryori (a blend of veggies, cereals, seaweed – specially made as vegetarian food without meat and fish). If you love meditation, there are few temples here that offer the platform to experience one of life’s best meditation programs – the Ajikan.

Shojin ryori
Shojin ryori


Going to Koyasan – you will love the mountains as the air here is simply fresh and cool. You will enjoy this place that is known to be very picturesque and spiritual. Staying in any of Koyasan temple hotel will deliver outstanding experience that will be unforgettable.

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Koyasan is simply a gem in the mountains. Visit here to enjoy a different view of Japan. Finding your way through to Koyasan is more like a mission and is worth making the effort for a night stay.

This place is popular with tourists and pilgrims from all over the world and can have the air of a carnival ground. It is indeed a distinctive location that is like no other and can be ranked as one of the top few places to be while in Japan. It is a must visit & is worth going out of your way to visit!

10 Recommended Hotels in Koyasan

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Koyasan Saizenin
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Kongo Sanmaiin
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