Fukuoka Travel Guide

The cityscape of Hakata at twilight in Fukuoka, Japan.

The capital of Fukuoka prefecture is Fukuoka and this happens to be the largest city on the Kyushu Island.

This city is a modern one – with majority of its buildings as new structures. By historical records, it was divided by the central river into 2 distinct cities, Fukuoka and Hakata – prior to merging in the year 1889. The major port and railway station are still known today as the Hakata Port and Hakata Station.

If you are a first time visitor to Japan, considering Fukuoka location might be a really good starting point. As a modern city, you are sure to get life’s basic needs here and it is actually not difficult to get around town.

If you want to visit the city’s main attraction points, you can easily connect through a subway.

what is the perfect time to visit  Fukuoka ? :

Autumn in Fukuoka
Autumn in Fukuoka

Fukuoka climate is that of a humid sub-tropical climate and has a median year rainfall measuring about 1.612mm. In this location, you will experience cold winters with about 6.6°C as average temperature during the month of January. You will also experience light snow falling, though quite rare.

You will find the summers quite hot and humid and causing heat – triggered by the East Asian Monsoon. The hottest month here is August which has an average 24-hour temp of 28.1°C.

The perfect time to take a tour to this city is during the spring and autumn!


What is the best transportation in Fukuoka ? :


Transporting with taxis is quite popular and very versatile. Book them up to move around the central part of the city and other major access roads. Pricing starts from ¥550 to cover first 2 kilometers and about ¥90 subsequently for every 200m.

While some of the drivers are able to speak English, it’s vital that you have your destination mapped out in Japanese in case you don’t speak the language.


what is the Best Things to Do in Fukuoka ? :

Fukuoka Japan 2018
Fukuoka Japan 2018
  • Ohori Park

If you are visiting Fukuoka, try not to miss checking out the beautiful Ohori Park – a spot situated just 2 stops west of Tenjin as seen by the subway. Ohori Park has a fantastic jogging track that’s famous for hosting locals all through the year, and also exhibits extensive fireworks every summer.

Ohori Park Fukuoka
Ohori Park Fukuoka


  • Maizuru Park

You can also visit Maizuru Park which is a traditional Japanese garden that features the ruins of Fukuoka Castle. You will get a good view of the city from this point.

Maizuru Park Fukuoka
Maizuru Park Fukuoka

Other places to consider for side attraction include:

  • Fukuoka tower
  • Momochihama Beach
  • ROBOSQUARE – where you can watch & play with several types of robots and also observe the engineers at work.
  • Atago Shrine
  • Nokonoshima Island for swimming, hiking, and camping
  • Kabuki theatre for some great shows
  • Noh theatre to grasp some cultural experience you wouldn’t want to miss
  • The Fukuoka Art Museum
  • Among others


Recommended and Affordable Hotels in Fukuoka

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