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The City of Osaka, Tourist Places, Hotels to Visit


This content will serve as Osaka Travel Guide for people who wish to visit this great city.

If you are looking for the 2nd largest metropolitan city in Japan after Tokyo, Osaka is the answer with a population of more than 2.5 million people. This city is the economic driving force of the Kansai Region and this has been so for centuries.

This world renowned location is known to have many districts comprising some of the best restaurants, places for sightseeing, exclusive nightlife, entertainment & accommodation listings.

As a tourist to this great city, you will definitely find awesome departmental stores, amazing theaters and boutiques that are bundled around the Umeda Station and JR Osaka Station; serving several city & private railways.

Travellers who are regular visitors to Osaka say that this city remains Japan’s best location to enjoy life, eat, drink and party. Don’t be surprised when an Osakan greets you with mōkarimakka; which means “are you making money” (a long age practice).

How to come to Osaka?


When traveling to Osaka, its main international gateway is the Kansai International Airport. Once you arrive, you will find limousine buses to drive through to Osaka or Shin Osaka.

From Shin-Osaka, you can link to the city center by utilizing the popular Midosuji subway line. You can as well link to the JR network to get through to other destinations.

Visiting Osaka with a car might not really be a good idea except you understand the language and signs. This is because several streets don’t have names but signs that are usually described in Japanese. Also – parking fees are generally too high; and you will need an international driver’s license as this is required.

What are the best tourist places in Osaka?

Osaka Museum of History

If you want to find out firsthand about some of Osaka’s history, consider visiting Osaka Museum of History. This museum is accessible through JR Osaka-jō Station or from Osaka Castle.


Osaka International Peace Center

You can as well visit Peace Osaka, another museum dedicated to promoting peace via exhibitions of war. This Osaka museum features the paraphernalia of the bombings in Osaka in World War 2.


festival hall

You can also visit the festival hall in Nakanoshima which is close to Umeda, and if you require some independent or underground music entertainment, check out the Big Cat in Amerika-mura or Banana Hall in Umeda.


Osaka Aquarium KAIYUKAN

Visit Kaiyukan – one of the world’s largest aquariums that has 11,000 tons capacity of water with so many sharks plus a whale shark. Feed your eyes with beautiful sights of seals, dolphins, otters, and other amazing sea creatures here.


If you love good foods and seek for spots for tasty meals, you will find the widest selection of restaurants around Osaka’s major entertainment districts. Consider trying out some of these special Osakan foods such as Battera a kind of sushi blended with mackerel and rice; or Okonomiyaki which consists of fried cabbage cakes, or Takoyaki  which comprises bits of octopus within fried dumplings, or Kushikatsu that is prepared with various sorts of veggies, meat, cheese, etc.


Where to stay in Osaka?


With so many hotels in Osaka to choose from, you will find more than 600 hotels with deals for rooms. Below are some hotel recommendations:

Swissotel Nankai Osaka

4 stars – from $266


Hotel New Hankyu Osaka

3.5 stars – from $133

The Westin Osaka

4 stars – from $249


3 stars – from $73

Via Inn Shinsaibashi

3 stars – from $62

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